John Gloz

From the President - John Gloz

Writing this I realized that it's a very long time since I updated my comments, so my sincere apologies to the rest of the club for neglecting this.

As you're all aware, Model Expo 2019 is now history, but I want to thank all members of PMG for their efforts towards our club display at this year's event. Every year we come away from Expo feeling that we've just done our best display yet, and this year was certainly no exception. This year too, we had a lot of complimentary feedback from visitors to Expo, many of whom said that they thought our display was the best. Unfortunately those comments didn't translate into us winning the Best Club Display award, but as I've said many times in the past (and no doubt will say it many times in the future), participation in the hobby shouldn't be all about winning prizes, it should be for your own personal enjoyment and learning. As a former member of another forum that I'm a member of said: "The hobby should be always enjoyable to give it your best, knowing that you're learning all the time and looking to do better next time.....always travelling, never arriving."

We held our AGM on 6th July, and there were very few changes to the committee, with Vin Wragg being elected to the newly created position of "Events Co-ordinator" and Mark Whacket as a non-executive committee member. I've been re-elected to the position of President, Barry McCutcheon continues in the role of Vice President, Mick Gallagher is continuing as secretary, and Peter Mason continues as (very capable) Treasurer. The attendance at the AGM set a new record for us (for any meeting), with 16 members & guests present.

For at least a year I've been thinking that our meetings are very "dry", so early in the year the committee decided that we need to get back to being a more hands-on group. We're now endeavouring to have a short practical demonstration of one hobby-related aspect or topic at every meeting. So far we've covered decanting paint from rattle cans, decalling, seam smoothing, plus a couple of others, and there are plenty more on our list.

Also, back in March we participated in a public open working session held at the Endeavour Hills library, which was organized by the Endeavour Hills Men's Shed group. Unfortunately the weather turned foul early that morning and a couple of us got a bit wet getting from the shopping centre carpark to the library, but there was a bit of interest from the public, and we even gained a new member as a result.

So until next time,

Happy Modelling,


Friday 9th of August 2019 11:49:12 AM